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Why Become A Reserver?

Make Money

Weekly pay on Fridays • Cash & Direct Deposit Tips • Two-Way Ratings: You rate the venue, they rate you • Pick the shifts when and where you want • No minimum or maximum participation to stay active

You're In Charge

Whether you're looking for a few extra shifts, seasonal work, or a boost in income, create your Reserver Profile and work shifts with some of the region's best restaurants, bars, and retail establishments. Pick the hours, locations, shifts, and roles you select*. *Experience required, Partner opportunities subject to approval.

Keep It Industry

There's nothing "insta" about our work. We cultivated and fine tuned a gig work platform with the heart of the service industry in mind! Founded by Service Industry pros who have worked in every level and role in the house. The Founders' mission is to bring opportunities to the forefront to solve schedule problems, let the industry's BEST make great money on their terms, and solve the schedule struggles of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions: Reservers

We don't have family dinner around here, so we're answering your top questions. Got a new one? Hit us up on What'sApp, Facebook/IG messenger, or at

Yes, we are a legit and established company! The two founders, Jen Selvaggia and Haden Gienger have a combined 30 years in the service industry and are experienced entrepreneurs. Their vision was to create a place for quality industry workers to find extra shifts to pick up, supplement income, go rogue and freelance or work around THEIR personal needs and not at the mercy of a schedule. At the same time, restaurants, bars and other industry businesses could fill coverage gaps without burning out staff with clopens and doubles, dropping unapologetic schedules or paying extensive overtime, Their vision also includes a big project alongside Serve Reserves to bridge gaps between basic perks and benefits of traditional corporate organizations for service industry businesses and workers. Lastly, Serve Reserves and the founders built a business model that provides at least minimum wage for an hourly rate PLUS an additional 15.3% to workers (Back Of House gets an increased base rate) to cover the self-employment tax assessed by the IRS at tax time.

You're a 1099 Contractor, so you're self-employed. You'll receive a base hourly rate in a weekly payment for your hours (Payouts are Friday via direct deposit) For tips, some places let you take all tips home the same day, others submit part or all digital tips in with your hourly rate upon payment. We don't deduct taxes--you're self-employed. You'll receive a 1099 in January for the prior year's earnings if you meet the IRS threshold for earnings ($600 in 2022). We're way more than an app or a staffing company, we want to bring great things to the industry and to YOU.

Self-employed independent contractors in the service industry aren’t a new thing, but our mission is to make it a commonplace thing. Here’s a few things to know: 1099 Contractors are considered self-employed, and pay self-employment taxes. That rate consists of two parts: 12.4% for social security and 2.9% for Medicare (info as of April 29, 2022). Sounds scary, we know—but we’re not a#$holes and we’re not a greedy tech company. We always make sure all roles have a set hourly rate of at least the State or municipal minimum wage AND we add an additional 15.3% to cover those taxes. Other roles (such as high demand, back of house or traditionally higher market rate roles) receive higher base hourly rates AND YES we still add an additional 15.3% to cover those taxes. See? We’re not a greedy tech company. We’re industry, too. Now some other key info: You’re self-employed, but we only want to partner with the best in the business. You can pick and choose where and when you work, and we’ll drop the details of the establishment in the posted Open Shift. We have a two-way rating system in place. You rate the establishment and they rate you on a 5-star scale. This keeps everyone in the loop and builds trust and accountability for all. You’ll see an establishment’s rating in the Open Shift posting as well. To maintain eligibility for Open Shifts, you’ll need to have a 4-star or better rating average, and a 3-star or less rating will mean we have to chat and figure out what could go better in the future—on any side. You can choose what you wear, but client partners may ask for specific colors or a shirt they provide. It’s totally up to you to accept or decline a shift, but please only accept shifts where you agree to meet or exceed their expectations on everything from conduct to service to attire. Lastly, when it comes to tips, never (please, seriously, never) dispute with the establishment. We’ve got your back and will intervene if there’s ever an issue. Remember the two-way rating system? We want you to shine, always and we’re here to help you have an opportunity to make great money on your terms.

Picking up shifts is easy. We post the “Open Shift” with all the information you need to know to decide if you want to pick up the shift. You’ll submit the request for the shift and we’ll approve if you’re an active Reserver (current health and/or MAST permits, all Reserver paperwork complete. Please only accept a shift if you’re serious. If you change your mind, you can submit to release the shift, but cancellations may result in account suspension if there is too little notice or you cancel too often. Our standardized format for posts look like this: Open Shift: Day Bartender ABC Tavern--Bonney Lake, WA Dive Bar—4.8 rating Hourly: $16.71/hour Tips: Cash same day, card tips direct deposit Requested Attire: Black pants or jeans, no tank tops Open Shift: Line Cook ABC Steakhouse--Tacoma, WA Fine Dining—5.0 rating Hourly: $22.71/hour Tips: Card tipout direct deposit Requested Attire: Black pants, black shirt. Chef coat provided Requested Equipment: None

We’re working to build a screened list of permanent roles, and we’ll be releasing an element of our site and WebApp where you can submit your profile right from Serve Reserves to apply for roles. We’ll also have an option for you to add the option to be booked for a Working Interview (paid through the app and direct deposited to you) by any of the job posting employers. We’ll release announcements when this feature is ready.

Create your profile and you'll be contacted with the link to provide your full information. You'll need information on your work experience, along with copies of your MAST and/or Food Worker's Card, as well as your tax information and direct deposit information. Your information is important to us. We never share your information, and linked with a secure platform to manage your money and info. We partner with Homebase for management of your payroll and tax data, Homebase We chose them because of their excellent reputation for security and payroll management. They're managed and hosted HR and payroll processes for over 100,000 businesses. You won't be eligible for Open Shifts until your profile is entirely complete. We'll send an email to notify you when you're Active.

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